How to spice up your relationship

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That moment in a relationship when calls from your partner doesn’t excite you anymore, dates become routine and the relationship becomes stale and lack lustre signifies that it’s time to spice things up! Spicing up a relationship involves recreating previously-felt excitement, trying to recapture the pleasure, eagerness and joy that characterised the start of the relationship as well as adding new flavor to the relationship. One must not wait till a relationship becomes full-on boring before trying out a few things. Spicing up a relationship should be a daily endeavour. It is not gender specific and is a huge responsibility because we all know every relationship requires work to work.

However, whenever the topic comes up people tend to drag back giving excuses such as “spicing things up is so expensive”, “I am shy”, and “I don’t know how to be romantic”.  We must try to remember that sometimes, it is the little things that count and at the heart of spicing up your relationship lays spontaneity, understanding and commitment as well as maintaining the balance, appreciating the uniqueness of your relationship, knowing your partner’s love language, sacrifice and selflessness.

Here are a few practical tips to spicing up your relationship today;

Talk, Talk and Talk Some More: Talking helps build your relationship and leads to a better understanding of your relationship and your partner. Learn to appreciate the good times you’ve had, reminisce on the memorable things you’ve done and compliment your partner. Also, talk about your expectations in the relationship and try to work at fulfilling them together which is kind of like creating a relationship bucket list.

Check out New Things Together: In order to spice up your relationship, you should make an effort to do new things together from trying out new restaurants, taking up a new hobby/activity or traveling to a destination you have never been to together. Try to break away from routine or “the normal” every once in a while. In addition, face your fears together while sharing these new experiences.

Get Into Activities of Common Interests: Find activities that you and your partner mutually enjoy and engage in them. Also, consider other activities your partner may really like and try to participate. A man can go shopping with his lady and a lady can learn to participate in the sport her man loves.

Look Good, Smell Good: Make a personal effort to look good especially when you are around your partner. This helps to maintain attraction and desire throughout the course of the relationship. Also, don’t forget a little cologne. Besides, when you are happy about the way you look, your confidence will improve!


Gifts and Surprises: An unexpected gesture or gift is always welcome as long as it is something you know your partner will love. Hence, gifts must not be expensive and should fall within your budget but it has to be thoughtful, mostly unexpected and should not be restricted to holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. Gifts given “just because” always go a long way. Some surprises can also be a backrub/massage before bed or making dinner.


Add A Dash of Smooch: Public Display of Affection (PDA )includes but is not limited to; showing appreciation, paying compliments, expressions of love, adjusting your partner’s clothes or hair, sweet gestures and messages, hand holding, leaving your partner romantic, funny notes/text messages in unexpected places, hugging, kissing, caressing and cuddling depending on what you and your partner can accommodate.


Laughing Won’t Hurt: Practical jokes and pranks can build fondness and create fun memories as long as it is not offensive. It generates laughter and helps you take a major stride toward getting rid of boredom in your relationship.


Finally, never forget why you fell in love in the first place.


For more practical tips, watch the video below and don’t forget to drop your comments and suggestions.


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