About The Cynosure


The Cynosure Talk Show.

A burning desire to bring to bare relevant issues that affect our youths, teenagers, adults and families led to an amateur discussion. loooooggggggoooThese conversations opened floodgates of unattended and ignored matters that reflect and resonate with the lives of our people. Talking about these would alleviate the hardship and emotional suffering ignorance may have bestowed.

Five ladies came together and chose this rigorous path.
This  chosen path would not only identify and heal, but would inspire and impact on lots of lives and also change them forever. The need for people to realize their dreams and take a positive step towards the right attitude and behavioral change aimed at a healthier and successful life;



The Cynosure talk show is an outstanding talk show. It is inspiring, interactive, educative and entertaining. It is a talk show geared towards youth’s discovery, self discovery, inculcating values, celebrating people worth celebrating, and creating a world of endless possibilities.


The cynosure talk show is hosted by the energetic and inspiring Princess popularly known as Splendour with a Team made up of four bold, smart and gorgeous ladies their views are brought to life through their conversation on topics ranging from entertainment, fashion, relationship, politics, beauty and trending gist.


Princess Splendour is a gifted motivational speaker, expert in mentoring.
She is self motivated, extremely principled, hospitable, humble and has a passion for touching lives.

IMG-20151230-WA0004Growing up for her was quite challenging but interesting as the last of five amazing and inspiring siblings. She graduated from Enugu State University of Science and Technology where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in insurance and risk management.

Her optimistic attitude and passion for inspiring and impacting values to lives moved her into joining the press club and health club in her secondary school and she later became the president for health club and used that medium to educate and inform her peers about a healthy lifestyle. With her level of intellectualism she helped young ladies understand their potentials and become the best among their equals.

She has come to the full realization that everything she needs to fulfill her mission can be found within.


The will, the desire to succeed the urge to reach your full potential all these are the keys that will  unlock the door to personal excellence.


IMG-20151230-WA0002Good day Africa and every wonderful person out there, I’m Pearl Koray, Nigerian born and from Imo state. I am an upcoming actress freelance model and currently a co-host on The Cynosure Talk Show , I love this show a lot and am happy to be a part of it, as the slogan says “Bringing it to your attention”, for me that says it all, it’s a show that fuses Entertainment as well as Educate you on what’s trending in our daily life, I assure you it’s not going to be a cliché show. I chose to be a part of this show because I believe information is power.
I’m someone who is passionate towards entertainment and what’s trending, this show brings the opportunity to voice my views on different issues in Africa and the world.
Social Network has made information accessible to all and I see this show going beyond its limits.


Amanda Adaobi Opara, is studying law in the University of Nigeria, she is from the Eastern part of Nigeria, being the only female child, life was quite interesting, Amanda is very passionate in inspiring young women, flexible in nature, loves rendering positive advise to young women whom aspire for greatness, she is a capacity builder, very principled and optimistic about life.
Amanda is reserved, ebullient, and motivated by good words. She derives fulfillment in rendering help to people. She is extremely dedicated to anything she is passionate about.
Amanda is fond of good TV shows, books and conversing when appropriate.


Victoria Chris raises from the Northern part of Nigeria as a third child to a family of five (5), which impacted her to be a stronger and better lady.
She is an ex-beauty queen (Miss Personality Enugu, 2015), Victoria is a renowned fashion designer and model, whom gets inspired by nature and aesthetics works.
She has previously featured as a TV presenter at VIX Channel Lagos.
Victoria enjoys Reading, Traveling, Swimming, and Shopping. Her passion is to educate, inform, impact into people’s life and to be a role model to older and younger women in the society.
She believes in making a difference, and is sure everyone can make a difference in the society only by taking a bold step.


Agbodike Chinenye hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, she studied nursing in the university of Ghana and currently a medical practioner.
She’s from a family of six (6), loves travelling, meeting new people, engaging herself with meaningful things.
She is very hardworking and passionate about saving lives and caring for people, has great love for good music, inspired by God, family and friends.
Growing up was very challenging for her because she had to deal with goals set for her academically.
Chinenye is a jovial person, humble and sincere, it is her intention to use the cynosure talk show to inculcate values and help young ones make the right choice in life.
Her social is to associate with people who have a positive attitude towards life.



Benson Boris (Manager)

Boris is a life coach and Better Trend Youth Initiative advocate, an organisation geared towards Inspiring, Supporting and Empowering the youths.
He is an expert in bringing out the best from the youths. He is zealous and passionate for a better society.